2008年12月29日 星期一

San Francisco Day one

We went to Berkley today. Berkley didn't appeal to me very much in the beginning. The building style is not uniform. No uniform color. No consistent building type. Some of them have Greek Temple design. Some don't. I even saw one of them having a Chinese type roof. Simply speaking, it's very unorganized. 

Maybe, it's a symbol of freedom.

We enjoyed the sunset in the upper hill of the campus. You can see the bay area far away in blood-red shining.

Seattle Day Four

Today is the last day in Seattle.

I went to the Art Museum of Seattle. This museum is actually only NOT-BAD to me, but it's a good place to kill time though. On the other hand, I found myself have never ever appealed strongly to the art museum, either in Chicago or in here. Anyway, there is still some master pieces impressed me very much.

After that, I visited Pike Market again. I ate a  sausage sandwich inside the market. And then I went to a very stylish bookstore near the market. The books there is categorized by some special theme like Cuba, female right.... Inside each theme, books were put casually unorganized, which made me feel it stylish. 

Tonight, I took the airplane to my final destination, San Francisco. A city looks so dirty but with feeling.

2008年12月27日 星期六

Seattle Day Three

What will happen when a city built in a place where tides flooded twice a day? In a time having no toilet system, the tide pulls crap out all over the street and make the city stinky. And what would happen if this city were burnt down after a desperate fire but everyone survived? After the UNDERGROUND TOUR, I realized Seattle is just this kind of city.

Although it's UNDERGROUND we saw as a dark, humid and basement-like place, this is actually the real ground level( first floor) of the city where sunshine was used to be so bright everyday 100 years ago. The citizens decided to rebuilt the city in a higher level. What used to be the first floor now became the basement. People opened a new door on the original second floor if the building was survived from the Great Seattle Fire.

I was astonished by the fact that what I thought to be the ground is actually not ground. Everything is elevated. Every road is actually empty under it. It just made me feel so unreal.
And it reminded me that I felt so curious about why Chicago had a first-floor-like basement. Now it's obvious the same reason, the Great Chicago Fire.

In the afternoon, we visited the Pike Market. It's really a fascinated place. It's like Taiwan traditional market. There is EVERYTHING in Pike Market like seafood, fruit, vegetable, old books, antiques, vendors of decorations and even entertaining people.

So, it's absolutely a nice place to look around.

2008年12月26日 星期五

Seattle Day Two

In the morning, we ate breakfast in the inn. There is a pie maker there on the desk. I put some source into it and started baking. However, the thing I put is something else. So, the tragedy happened. It overcooked and the room became smoky. I said sorry to the servant and immediately fled away.

After breakfast, we went to Science Fiction museum and Experience Music Project. I gotta say that loudly, this place is AWESOME! If I have a chance to be in Seattle in the future, I definitely will come here again. I love EMP especially.

In EMP, it introduce the evolution of music specially in Seattle, as well as the instruments. One man on which it especially focus is Jimi Hendrix, a representative of Rock'n Roll. I saw his video in the museum and I think he is really a genius. His guitar skill is mighty amazing.

In the second floor, there is a music lab. You can tried a lot of instruments like drums, guitars, basses, keyboard and many other things. They not only provided instruments but also the programs so that you can do just like playing in a band by following the instruction. Honestly, I respect the designer of EMP. Because it's really difficult to describe Music other than letting people actually listen to it. How come they can make visitors listen to so many things without making the room noisey? This museum is built brilliently.

Seattle is really a energetic city. With a sense of freedom and creativeness, now it's my favorite city in USA.

Seattle Day One

Yesterday is a day of flight.

We departed in the morning in El Paso in Taxes, transferred in Phoenix and then attend Seattle at night.

As the first image of Seattle is its rain. It seemed to have a heavy snow before our arriving, but now it's just raining. 

We ate in a expensive restaurant named Asian Breeze. I ordered a lamp with special sauce. It's very delicious. It looks like this.

The green thing is the mashed potato with wasabi, interesting. 

Asides from the meal, we also ordered liquids. I ordered a glass of tequila. It's strong and made me drunk quickly.

I think I like this city and am excited of it.

2008年12月24日 星期三

New Mexico Day three

Today we went to another national park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park. It's actually resided in TX. Compared to the trip two days before, this national park is a totally different scene to view.

It's extremely wide and spectacular.

We hiked into a valley along a trial named Devil's Hall trial. It took us about three hours. The view is nice, but the view is even better outside like the one I took from the road.

2008年12月23日 星期二

New Mexico Day two

Today we visited Carlsbad Caverns.

Actually, it's very similar to the cave I went by, Marengo Cave in IN. So, I didn't take much pictures in the cave.

However, there are still some differences.

First of all, Marengo Cave located in the hills of forest, but Carlsbad Caverns resides in semi-dessert mountains where shrubs and prickly pears grow all over them.

Secondly, Carlsbad Caverns seems to be larger but I think the formations of limestones in Marengo Cave is more delicate and beautiful.

Thirdly, the most famous sight-seeing of Carlsbad Caverns is probably not the limestones, but the bats. From summer to Fall, hundreds of thousand of bats will migrate to live in the cave. To see them flushing out of the cave is very spectacular.

At night, we went to boat taking along a river in Carlsbad city. The boat drove along the river where houses asides all are decorated with colorful lights (in a sense of Christmas). With the Christmas music on the boat, this trip is so Christmas! It's best trip for young lovers.

When starting getting down the cave I felt like catching a cold, although not severe. Anyway, I hope I could become better tomorrow.

2008年12月22日 星期一

New Mexico Day one

It's the first day of my winter vocation trip. My two travel-mates are my senior high school friend and her boy friend. And today we went to White Sand National Monument.

It's extremely beautiful.

It's as white as snow, but as dry as dessert.

The pure white sand is so soft that you sink into it once you stand on it. Further, the sand is so comfortable that it's not sticky at all. I grabbed a fist of sands and then let go, the sands just flew away with wind without a tiny little sand left in my hands.

We left after sunset. It's really a must-visited place. People said that it's better in summer when some flowers blooms.

2008年12月17日 星期三

Humorous American Professor

Today I helped Tung unpack some facility in the basement of Talbat. 
It's a pretty large box, maybe as high as a person. Very heavy as well.
One ME professor passed by and said "Oh~ is that a Christmas presents?"
We spent about twenty minutes to unpack the outer box. What's inside is another box( still pretty large). At the same time, the professor came by again and said " boxes inside boxes, what's going on? "
Pretty funny guy.

2008年12月3日 星期三